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The Pro Basketball Association is a 17 week Spring-Summer league (20 with playoffs) with a combine and draft and training camps that open in April. Teams also have many of their best tryouts and camps during this time leading up to the regular season. The PBA Regular season runs from May to August, followed by an All-Star Game and Playoffs and The 2021 PBA Final 4 and Championship Game to be held in Dallas, Texas. Similar in the talent level and professional scope as other past Spring-Summer leagues like the USBL, WBA, and IBL but different in that the PBA gives their association of owners the flexibility of one of two models of success with over 250 games Nationwide on TV. The PBA has an agreement in place to have the “PBA Game of the Week”, the “This Week in the PBA Show”, the “2021 PBA Draft Special”, and over 250 games Nationwide on PBA TV. The league has it’s own television station with channels that will be on big screen Tv’s all over the World beginning in May of 2021 on Roku, Amazon Fire, and Youtube who collectively have over 2.5 Billion viewers globally.

Two models for success = Twice the fun!

The classic model is simply where games are played home and away in your division (region) to help limit the amount of travel on clubs in the Nationwide Pro Basketball Association. Fees are reduced in this model and the teams share in the responsibility of maintaining accurate box scores, full game videos, 3 pro level referees, and the facility the games are played in. The home team keeps all revenue from attendance, concessions, sponsor revenue, and merchandise. This is standard business practice but the league makes an emphasis on upholding the integrity of the game, professionalism, uniformity, and continuity in relation to the rules and regulations for the league.

The other model is a league managed bubble where each market/region of the Country has it’s own pod and where the league provides all facets of the hosting of the games and their complete presentation:

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  • A shared arena INCLUDED
  • Referees INCLUDED
  • Score keepers INCLUDED
  • Complete and accurate full game box score and advanced statistics available online from every game INCLUDED
  • Full game video available online from every game INCLUDED
  • Professional DJ services at every event INCLUDED
  • Professional profile and updates to the Eurobasket network INCLUDED
  • Bubble type pod helps address concerns about health and safety INCLUDED
  • Facility precautions (Covid 19) are taken to test for temperature at the door, establish social distancing, and all in attendance must wear masks until they are seated and distanced from anyone outside their immediate family INCLUDED
PBA PRO Draft Combine 2021 – Dallas, TX

The PBA offers a model that fits with the times and the budget. Reach out to us and a representative will be able to discuss both options and explain how either result in more revenue for your organization. The Spring-Summer schedule is when the best players are home from overseas and the market is flooded with high power quality at every position. It’s also when there is the least amount of competition for fans and sponsor attention. Perfect climate! The affordable structure is perfect for the current or former pro player or coach to own their own team! This works perfectly into the time of year where guys can stay ready for the next opportunity – leads right into the NBA Summer League and the beginning of signing time for overseas! If you are interested in joining the PBA and are an existing franchise or if you are an entrepreneur, sports agency, coach, business owner, or former professional athlete – contact us to learn more.

PBA Players

Winning matters! The PBA follows a profit sharing structure for those teams that adopt the bubble format where half the gate goes to the winning team of that game. The PBA provides a business model that allows the players to be compensated for their time and efforts on the court. A viable, attractive, and more professional alternative to other leagues both foreign and domestic.

The PBA is an association of pro coaches, players, and owners that have collectively had over 3 decades of experience on the professional level all over the World.

PBA Team ownership

Own a team! With choices where you manage your game day experience and all the revenues derived from such or a bubble format where all expenses of hosting a game are provided by the league, team ownership comes with options and is better than ever. Owners can come from varying backgrounds including current and former players, coaches, and businessmen and women alike. The PBA is an equal opportunity league that prides itself on diversity.

Franchise ownership is extremely affordable! $50 registration and as low as $500 league franchise fee plus game dues.

PBA Quality

Whether you choose the Classic model or the Bubble model the club has choices that fit with these trying times. Significantly reduce expenses and be more profitable. Each model helps streamline the whole process so clubs can focus on their player acquisitions, the draft, securing sponsorship, and on the court.

Overseas clubs that are interested in players have access to all the data they need to properly scout and sign the top talent available. Come find out what all the buzz is about! The PBA has separated itself as the Premiere Spring-Summer Pro league in the United States.

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