Pro Basketball Association unveils plans for 2022 Season

Dallas, Texas – The Pro Basketball Association announced on Wednesday plans for 2022. The league has decided on a 16 game regular season for next year for the PBA and also a Women’s league that will have the same standards, policies and procedures as the Men’s league. The 16 game season will be played at the same time of year in the Spring-Summer and several teams in the Association have already begun the renewal process.

The Pro Basketball Association has some 20,000 unique views online here at on any given day. Coupled with a large facebook following where over 100,000 people are reached with news about the league. Instagram and other social outlets @probasketballassociation are growing in following as well as YouTube

The PBA announced an International TV deal with Roku, Amazon Fire, and YouTube showing PBA games, a Thursday Night in the PBA and Friday Night in the PBA show each week during the season where play by play man Gary Ayd and Color commentators Paul Mokeski and Rich Anselmo bring you all the action from key match-ups. Mokeski is a 2 decade plus veteran of the NBA as a long time player and coach. Ayd and Anselmo worked together on the 2021 PBA Draft Show and have a natural chemistry together having worked together in the past as well. Adding Mokeski to the team helps round out a solid on-air lineup. The combination of Roku, Amazon Fire, and YouTube are available to over 250 Billion homes Internationally and that ties in well with the way the league has positioned itself Internationally. Jeff Mondlock is the TV Station General Manager for PBATV and helps bring it all home in the league’s weekly broadcasts; the two PBA Games of the Week with play by play and commentary show Thursday and Friday nights and also a weekly highlight and recap show following Friday night’s game called “This Week in the PBA”. PBATV will also have over 350 games this season on the International Network. The league has an agreement in place with 1891 to provide game video and box score services as well as game recap services to every team in the Association.

The PBA has 17 International Scouting Directors set up in Countries around the Globe who’s primary job focus for the league is helping to create a bridge of talent from the PBA to opportunities abroad. There’s now 7 people in a position with the league office or in a team leadership role that is either currently or formerly in the NBA. The league is covered by the Eurobasket network as 16 category box scores and full game video will be made available from every game played this season from every team, home and away. Also a league website that tracks all the analytics, cumulative data, and everything organized in such a way that other professional leagues and sponsors alike would expect.

In addition to the league’s prowess on Social Media, Marketing, a PBA Players Agency that works to increase the visibility and known availability of it’s players and coaches, the league is rooted in it’s emphasis on a professional image; the PBATV deal is a first for Minor League Basketball ever to this scale. 66 (Sixty-Six) clubs will play in the PBA in 2021 from Seattle to New York City and everywhere in between and the league will hold true to it’s standards for existing clubs if they want to return for 2022 and continue to attract better organizations moving forward. Pricing works out to be 60% more games (from 10 to 16) for 50% more in the way of the franchise dues – going from $500 in 2021 to $750 for 2022. Obviously there is 60% more to do so the nominal increase of $250 is what is being offered to existing members. New franchises that enter as expansion in 2022 will be able to join for $1000 plus game dues that cover Stats, Video, PBATV, marketing, graphics artwork, promotion, social media, and an ever growing blueprint for the league in both attendance for their games with the general public but also sponsors because the proof is in the pudding now… the PBA is on fire!

The Women’s league is something a lot of clubs have been inquiring about. Many of the clubs in the Association also have a Women’s Minor League program so it’s a natural progression to what the PBA is all about and that is offering a platform of excellence, hard work, organization, and the marketing of top level players and coaches to opportunities both foreign and domestic.

“The Women deserve all the same opportunities as the Men. The PBA helps give them that platform and we look to serve as a development league, AA if you will, for Men towards the G-League and NBA and AAA for the Women towards the WNBA. The duration of the season is something everyone has asked for and we’re going to have a lot of fun doing this for a long time. If you want Pro – You want the PBA!” PBA Commissioner Chris Terrell

More information is available on team ownership in the PBA here Team ownership made simple – Pro Basketball Association (

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