Seattle Reign join the PBA

Seattle, WA – The Pro Basketball Association is pleased to announce that a franchise has been awarded to the Seattle Reign. Owner/CEO and CFO for the Reign is Shauna Parton. 

In her 1st year as the leading lady of the The Seattle Reign & finance guru, Shauna Parton, seeks to express & establish the foundation of her optimism by carrying out, executing & completing a vision motivated by presenting a privileged professional basketball opportunity to aspiring young male adult athletes worldwide & those who reside within the Seattle metropolitan area, who are hopeful for & desire to pursue, obtain and make a living at showcasing their basketball talents professionally.

An outstanding, enthusiastic, yet prime competitive professional arm wrestler, Parton knows all too well about the basic fundamentals & advanced practices that are required, should be considered & most certainly fetched by one who is wishing to not only make a living as a sports entertainer, but also make a memorable impact in the communities surrounding the organization.

While being a resource to reignite the excitement for professional basketball sports entertainment in Seattle, team building community service will play an prominent role for the expansion of the organization’s reputation.
With over 20 years of experience as an accountant for a myriad of multi-billion dollar corporations & while possessing a Masters in Finance, Parton plans to imprint files of knowledge into the Seattle Reign front office by managing the affairs of all financial, sponsorship & event planning obligations. 

Shauna is fully confident that if children, young adults, blue-collar workers, veterans & senior citizens have something in the realm of professional basketball to look forward to at least 6 out of a 12 month calendar year, we together can decrease the unnecessary which will make more room for the necessary to thrive herein & throughout our Kent Community!

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