Commissioner Chris Terrell

Coach Chris Terrell was the first American to coach at the top pro level on 4 Continents while still in his 30’s. He’s spent over 20 years in the pro game and in that time learned how to win on and off the court. Blessed to have had the opportunity to coach in the top league in China (CBA) final 4, FIBA Europe top division in Romania for two seasons Romania Cup quarterfinals, Top league in Canada, Top leagues in Mexico (CIBACOPA) and (LNBP) seven seasons, many all-star games and coaching awards, as well as just about every minor league or domestic based pro basketball league that you can think of including the NBA D-League (NBA D-League) as the Director of Basketball Development for the Fort Worth Flyers, The Basketball League (TBL), Maximum Basketball League (MBL), American Basketball Association (ABA) as division and conference champion and league finalist, Deputy Commissioner of the World Basketball Association (WBA), writer for Better Basketball Magazine, and writer on the Eurobasket Network including USbasket and Latinbasket for the last 17 years.

Terrell was named the Commissioner of the Pro Basketball Association in November of 2020.