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Metroplex Lightning join the Pro Basketball Association

Dallas, Texas – The Pro Basketball Association announced on Tuesday that the Metroplex Lightning had been awarded a franchise in the 2021 PBA Spring-Summer season. Team owner Torrence Moody is a Chicago native but this transplant is a Dallas sports icon. For over a decade Moody, as he’s affectionately known around the DFW, has fielded some of the most competitive and prolific teams to compete at all levels. Whether it is Summer league, Pro-Am, Minor league Pro Ball, or Money Tournaments Moody and his teams have been winners in a big way on and off the court.

Recording artist Yella Beezy shown here (left) with Torrence Moody (right)

“Moody is one of those guys that’s just synonymous with high level hoops in the city. He knows everybody and everyone knows Moody. Winning a lot will do that but it’s more than that. The guy is real. He’s genuine and the players know this. He just wants to give back to the community. When he talks, people listen, because he’s been there and done that. People know he comes from the right place too. He’s one of the voices that is always echoing in my mind about the state of minor league basketball, it’s place in our community, and how we can collectively band together to make a difference through the sport. He’s always about putting his guys on that big stage and people respect that. But he’s also unafraid to speak his mind and tell it like it is… even if that’s a different view from the perceived norm. You’re going to get the real from Moody but it’s from the heart. The Pro Basketball Association is honored to have Moody and the Metroplex Lightning in the PBA and they’ll be another high power juggernaut competing in the very competitive Texas bubble in Lewisville – Sunday nights this Summer.” PBA Commissioner – Chris Terrell

In addition to Metroplex Lightning, Moody also has branded many other successful organizations including Got Dat Wurk, Core Power, and has been successful internationally, helping to bring pro teams from Japan to the States to play his organization. He’s competed and participated with or managed and owned teams in many domestic based minor leagues over the years including ABA, UBL, EBL, NABL, TBL, and MBL and many of the best players to come through North Texas have played for Moody over the years.