Team ownership made simple

What makes the PBA different?

The Pro Basketball Association has positioned itself as a clear notch above most other minor leagues in it’s professionalism, organization, the way it presents itself to sponsors on a National level, and all those things mean being more profitable as an owner. Tired of the comments about the league you’re in now? Would like to take it up a notch and be more profitable at the same time? We have a business model where a team in our league can host team tryouts and average 100 fans a game and be profitable year one. There is no organized and well managed and respected pro league in this Country where that is possible except the PBA.

How many leagues are there in the United States? Other than the NBA, how many of them get the basics right? Even a player at the Junior College level for some school you’ve never heard of has a league website with every box score, with tabulated statistics for the entire season from every player from every team from every game played. All levels of College basketball do this and so does the NBA and NBA G-League. How about all the other minor leagues, semi-pro, regional leagues, and everything in between? Everything about the game is different from game to game in most of these leagues. An uneven number of games played? Some leagues don’t even have teams with matching uniforms. Sometimes the refs in some of these other leagues are rec league level guys that don’t even understand the pro game or the rules. Often, and commonplace, is there is no stats kept at all but sometimes they keep a score sheet that has check marks for points. Is that pro basketball?

What about shooting percentages? 3’s? Free throws? Assist to turnover ratio? Does he get in foul trouble? Turnovers? Offensive rebounds versus defensive? All these players are playing to be in something professional and give them an opportunity for exposure. How many minor leagues don’t even have rosters? Can you take a team’s franchise fee and not type 10 names? Who’s the coach? It’s so unorganized. The PBA primary focus is to change the game of Pro Basketball in the United States. To be a respected level in the Single-A to Double-A range that you don’t have to be embarrassed to admit you belong to.

99% of all levels between College and the NBA the answer about professionalism as it relates to a lot of these things is unfortunately NO. Then how do you call it Pro or Semi-Pro if there’s nothing pro about it? This is why some of these leagues don’t have as many players and coaches go on to the NBA or top leagues around the World. How do you properly evaluate talent? Because someone had 30 in one game? Against who? On how many shots? Nobody knows!

Is there video online from every game that can be matched up to the box score?

This is the age of analytics! Why don’t leagues get this right?

There is an alternative to the lower level poorly managed minor leagues and the so called semi-pro inconsistencies. Most of the time it might as well be a glorified rec league. You might as well be scouting for players at the 24 hour fitness. If anyone ever got a job, it sure wouldn’t be from a league like that. It would be from their previous Collegiate or International experience if it wasn’t too long ago. And the gap between those real leagues and now? If too much time has passed, what do they have to go off of that’s recent?

We could go on about the importance of accurate statistics, pro looking video, regular updates to USbasket and Eurobasket, social media, marketing to clubs foreign and domestic, sponsor awareness, staffing events, arena inconsistencies, facility rentals, different levels of referees (this is big) but simply said leagues are overcharging and under performing. It’s not Pro Basketball if the only thing pro about it is some of the players.

Do you have an existing team and been searching for something better?

Are you starting a new franchise and want to do it right the first time?

Would you like to focus on marketing your team to sponsors?

Would you like to have more time to work on driving attendance and appealing to your fan base with merchandise?

How about assembling a World Class roster?

Implementing a system and a rotation that wins games?

The Spring-Summer schedule fits uniquely into the time each year where there is the least amount of competition for players, fans, and sponsors.


Preseason combine and draft is in April. Regular season opens May, 2021. Three rounds of playoffs and an all-star game in September. All-PBA teams will be announced on the Eurobasket Network and attached to all player profiles. All told, from preseason to the championship trophy awarded, the 20 week season will be exciting!

League fees

Franchise ownership is extremely affordable in 2021! $50 registration and as low as $500 league franchise fee plus game dues. There is nothing similar to this level of play or league at this cost. Teams are literally spending more to play in a Rec league. Registration is extremely limited. We’ll only have serious minded clubs. Secure your franchise today as spots are filling fast. $50 starts the process. We’ll help guide you through the steps to taking your organization to another level.

Do you want to own a professional sports franchise in a real Pro league? Something that is as professional as the players on the team? We make it simple. 100% of team income by way of sponsors and team tryouts going directly to your club. Top clubs foreign and domestic have a product that they can properly evaluate. That means more players moving up and more exposure for your club for future tryouts and events! Use the contact us page and reach out. We’re happy to answer any questions you have. Thanks.


PBA Commissioner – Chris Terrell