Dallas, TX – Hoop Goon has secured a franchise for the upcoming 2021 PBA Season. Owner of the Hoop Goon franchise Aramus Brown has a long and successful history in the sport as the Commissioner of the Maximum Basketball League (MBL). Asked about the franchise joining the PBA in the Spring, Commissioner of the PBA Chris Terrell said “Aramus Brown and the MBL has established itself as one of the premiere Fall-Winter leagues in the United States. For guys like that to see the vision of the PBA and want to work together and join the league really gives us a boost. From working with Aramus, and knowing his competitiveness, I already know that his team is going to be a force in the league. We’re making a concerted effort to only allow entry to the league of those organizations that know what it takes to win on and off the court and to put on a professional product. We’re excited about the possibility of developing a relationship where the leagues can work together in the future on other projects.”

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