Texas Tsunami joins the Pro Basketball Association

The Pro Basketball Association announced on Saturday that the Texas Tsunami had been awarded a franchise for the 2021 PBA Spring-Summer Season. Owner Tim Slums put the Tsunami in the Maximum Basketball League this past season, which plays a Fall-Winter schedule, and is looking to keep the program playing on into the Spring-Summer Season with the PBA.

“It’s really rewarding to have a platform where guys can be seen and get to the next level in their careers. We enjoy making a positive impact in the community and a lot of the younger generation looks up to these young men and see sports as an outlet and the business of basketball for the players and coaches is something that teaches some life lessons and builds a fraternity of like minded individuals that helps us prepare them for opportunities after their playing careers. We really want to help some of these high level athletes to take their games to the next level with the PBA and open up some doors to opportunity Globally in the Sport.” Tim Slums – Owner – Texas Tsunami

The Pro Basketball Association currently features 40 teams Nationwide with several pending announcements. Organizations are based from Seattle to New York City and everywhere in between. The Texas Tsunami will play in the South division which houses a bubble of 12 teams in the Texas region. The league begins play in May and plays a 10 game regular season plus playoffs over a 21 week period that extends on into September with the post season.

The PBA Pro Combine and Draft is an opportunity for players that are currently free agents and/or recently finished playing College Basketball to become draft eligible into the Pro Basketball Association. With 40 teams Nationwide, and a 2-round draft, a minimum of 80 players will be drafted. The event will be held in two locations to help with the geography of having players, coaches, scouts, team owners, general managers, and agents attend. Rochester, New York will host 3/27/21 and then Dallas takes it’s turn on 4/3/21. More information is available here on the site by clicking here: Pro Basketball Association Combine and Draft – Pro Basketball Association (pbaplayers.com) Both will have 1891 video crews providing video and bio information to teams both foreign and domestic. If you want Pro – You want the PBA!