Bronze – Game Sponsor

The package includes 4 announcements during the game of the business or entity sponsoring that game. Once at the beginning of every quarter played the announcement will be made. The sponsor is also able to have promotional material passed out to those in attendance. All marketing and media leading up to the event will also list the game sponsor and shared across all platforms including league website and social media. The video of the game will be permanently displayed along with the game result and box score and on youtube with the game sponsor shown at the same four places in the game, banner before the game begins, banner to open the second quarter, banner to open the third quarter, and banner to begin the fourth. This is a tremendous value!

Game sponsors are going quickly! Do you want opening night for your favorite team? How about against a key rival later in the season? Want to sponsor several key games for teams that fit your demographics of your business? Playoffs? Packages can be adjusted and discounts offered for multiple games!

Silver – Team Sponsorship

The team sponsorship is a season package and allows for the business or entity to advertise their brand in association with one of the in the PBA. As a title sponsor for that team in the PBA, each and every time the team name is used in print, media, advertisement, upcoming contest, result, and including during each game; the title sponsor for that team will be named (shown if in print) immediately following the team name. An example of this is “Texas Admirals presented by Joe’s Pizza”. This innovative package allows your company or entity to attach yourself to the brand of your favorite team! Have a club that plays in your market and want advertising for the entire 20 week season? This is perfect for you! Requires availability and team approval – Just contact us for more info!

The PBA is the only league at this level that manages and markets sponsors for their teams and then revenue shares monies collected and directs that revenue on to the teams in the association. Sponsorship helps provide a positive atmosphere for the community. Make a difference! Also includes free attendance for you and up to 4 employees every game that team plays. Revenue from the sponsorship package helps the club you are sponsoring with their league registration and franchise fee for the season! What a tremendous opportunity that makes a difference.

Gold – PBA Sponsorship

This PBA Sponsorship grants the business or entity league marketing and brand awareness. Every game throughout the season, for all teams, the name of the sponsor will be announced at the beginning of every quarter. Example: “The Pro Basketball Association is brought to you by Joe’s Pizza” – and a tag line – “Your local destination for the best pizza in City.” Followed by a promotion. Example: “Come visit us after the game – For all those in attendance, we’re offering a pick up special where any one topping pizza is only $5 – Simply say I want the PBA take out special to get your discount when you order.” This is said four times every game for the entire season! We also will pass out promotional material (flyer, coupon, or business card) to all of those in attendance for select games.

Restrictions apply – Subject to market availability.

Platinum – PBA Title Sponsorship

This package is a unique opportunity. Not only does it combine all facets of the Gold package but it also comes with naming rights for the 2024 season. Example: The Pro Basketball Association Presented by Joe’s Pizza. Each and every time the league name is announced, printed, marketed, shown, and displayed in all forms including website, social media, and in every game, the name of the league will immediately be followed by your business or entity. Title sponsorship is the best value for the investment and now for a limited time, is available at a very reasonable cost which provides nice exposure for your brand. Because all the benefits of the Gold package are also included this is a great opportunity! Only one of these exist for the 2024 season. Contact us today!