The PBA and LPBA play two seasons each year. The Spring-Summer league runs from May – August with playoffs in September. The Fall-Winter league runs from November – February with playoffs in March. The PBA and LPBA are Nationwide. Current divisions include Northeast, Midwest, Northwest, Southwest, South, and Southeast. The PBA is the largest Spring-Summer Pro Basketball League in the United States and expanded to include a Fall-Winter season beginning in 2022.

The PBA is the only Pro league in the US that features 16 category box scores, upper third on screen game graphics, play by play commentary, and every game available on TV and on all smart devices (Roku, Amazon Fire, YouTube, IOS and Android). Whether you are an existing team scouting a future opponent or breaking down your own game film, an overseas coach or scout or general manager, an NBA executive, or a sports agent or sponsor; you can watch every game on your big screen TV in your living room with the game being called with commentary for free. This Global exposure (PBATV is available in over 2 Billion homes around the World) helps create a league of opportunity for players and coaches as well as opportunity by way of sponsorship for team ownership. This isn’t the home team keeps check marks in the book for points only and a youtube video of squeeky shoes where you don’t know the score, time remaining, or names of the players and coaches. No serious sponsor or scout would take that seriously. The PBA checks all the boxes of what you’d expect from Pro Basketball but at a price point where families can cheer on the home team without breaking the bank.

If you want Pro – You want the PBA!

PBA Playoffs

Six teams per division qualify for the playoffs and the first 3 rounds of the playoffs are all in division, with the 6v3 matchup, 5v4 in week one. The top 2 seeds have a bye and host the winners of the previous round in week two of the playoffs. Week 3 is the 1/5/4 winner taking on the 2/3/6 winner at the home of the higher seed. The Division champion advances to the Super 6 in Dallas, Texas.

  • Summer 2022 PBA by 1891 Awards Ceremony

    Summer 2022 PBA by 1891 Awards Ceremony

    Arlington, TX – The Summer 2022 PBA by 1891 season featured over 500 players Nationwide and several were featured in the Awards Ceremony this past Sunday. Player of the Year 6’5 SG Quintarius Porter (Mississippi Hawks) was among the league leaders in the Nation in Scoring, Rebounding, FG%, and 3P shooting. Final 4 MVP Wolf […]

  • F.I.R.M. become the two-time defending Champions, defeat New Mexico

    F.I.R.M. become the two-time defending Champions, defeat New Mexico

    Arlington, TX – The Fort Worth F.I.R.M. have been on a mission for 2 years. The 2021 PBA Champion went undefeated in 2022 and proved their value once again when it counted most in the Final 4. New Mexico having come off an impressive victory over Georgia came into the game riding their explosive 2-man […]

  • New Mexico advances to Championship Game defeating Georgia

    New Mexico advances to Championship Game defeating Georgia

    Arlington, TX – New Mexico Bluetails and Georgia Vipers both came into the Nationals having won their divisions, the Southwest and the Southeast respectively. Both organizations having only experienced one loss over the course of the season. The two teams proved to be fairly evenly matched throughout this one. Georgia was up early and seemed […]

Detroit at Lancaster – PBA full game
2021 PBA Draft Special

Every PBA and LPBA game includes:

*3 Pro level referees

*Editing video to add score/time/logos widget

*Play by Play commentators for every game played

*Adding sponsors advertisements (in-game overlay and commercials) directing revenue back to the club

*Televising all games (Roku, Amazon Fire, YouTube)

*PBA app (all games on IOS and Android with notifications)

*Viewership on TV of One Million people and access to 2 billion homes Worldwide

*16 category box scores for every game played

*Marketing and promotion – The PBA social media platforms have engagement in the hundreds of thousands per month

*A respected level of play – over 70 players who signed pro contracts abroad since last season

*Professionalism and accountability

PBA and LPBA 2022 Goes Year Round – waives cost of franchise for Winter league – Pro Basketball Association (

PBA and LPBA – Team ownership made simple – Pro Basketball Association (

PBA Promo (2021)

PBA Players

Winning matters! Also crucial is the platform so people can see your product. Marketing, advertising, promotion, TV games, and a respected level of play makes the PBA a more viable, attractive, and more professional alternative to other leagues.

The PBA is an association of pro coaches, players, and owners that have collectively has decades of experience on the professional level all over the World. With International Scouting Directors, Eurobasket coverage, real stats and TV games and many players being signed to pro teams abroad from having played in the PBA; this helps people respect the level which in turn helps with future tryouts, growing your brand, and securing serious sponsors.

PBA Team ownership

Own a team! Owners can come from varying backgrounds including current and former players, coaches, agencies and businessmen and women alike. The PBA is proud of their ties to the military community and the number of female owners.

Franchise ownership is extremely affordable! $100 registration and as low as $1995 league franchise fee plus game dues.

Game dues: $249/game includes referees, editing video to add score widget, commercials, play by play commentary and put on PBATV (Roku, Amazon Fire, and YouTube), PBATV is also available at your app store for Android and IOS. 16 category box scores for every game, social media marketing, graphic artwork, and promotion to overseas opportunities. Home team simply provides gym, table staff, and full game video link and the league does the rest.

PBA Quality

Regional play is a big component in the PBA experience, however teams have the ability to schedule out of division opponents as well in 2022. The PBA helps streamline the whole process so clubs can focus on their player acquisitions, the draft, securing sponsorship, growing their following and attendance and improving their product on the court.

Overseas clubs that are interested in players have access to all the data they need to properly scout and sign the top talent available. Come find out what all the buzz is about! The PBA has separated itself as the Premiere Spring-Summer Pro league in the United States.

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