Atlanta, Georgia – The Pro Basketball Association has announced that the partnership with software and services company 1891 to provide video, statistics, analytical data, and game day operations services to PBA teams Nationwide will continue as it has since its inception in 2021. PBA Commissioner Angela Culliver and 1891 CEO Kurtis Greene-Richards have been working behind the scenes to help facilitate game day ops for the pro league that opens their 4th regular season in June, 2023. This partnership will continue to help the league scale their products to viewers around the World.

1891 CEO Kurtis “Coach K” Green-Richards

Kurtis “Coach K” Greene-Richards heads a company with CTO Kerwin Richards, COO. Charlene Ellis, and CPO Thomas Hardeman that has been providing videographers, stats people, score, clock, and table staffing, as well as back end integration services. Founded in 2017, 1891 focuses on bringing people together to experience endless possibility. Our goal is to create a place where basketball is not just a game but an experience; an experience that reminds us of what basketball has always been about; a coming together of people to play, to learn and to thrive.

1891 hosts live and delayed video broadcasts of basketball games. This ensures that players receive exposure with good content and professional quality video services both of which make for a consistent, enjoyable experience for viewers. Contact info: [email protected], (470) 252-8025
Recent example of an 1891 game

“The Pro Basketball Association is always searching for innovative and market leading technologies that aid and assist in making for a smooth game day experience for it’s teams in the Association but also for it’s players, coaches, scouts, business partners, fans, and sponsors. Coach K. has demonstrated the ability to scale his services and platform Nationally and grow with the PBA and we’re excited about partnering with 1891 to help make the league more organized, professional, and marketable to our fans and league partners.” Former PBA Commissioner – Chris Terrell

The Pro Basketball Association motto is “If you want Pro – You want the PBA”. This partnership with 1891 brings an integral aspect of the game day experience to the league that is a consistently professional branded product so that we can package that experience in an attractive and consumable vehicle for our brand in the market.