Pro Basketball Association Rules

The PBA plays by NBA Rules as far as how the game is officiated including but not limited to, defensive 3 second rule, blocking foul when contact is made with the offensive player while under the basket. If in the event the facility does not have a charge circle, or an NBA 3 point line, the teams will play with the lines that are on the court. If no charge circle is on the court, the referee will use their judgement to approximate a distance from the basket of 4 feet in a half circle extending out from the bottom of the backboard.

One of the exceptions to NBA rules is the PBA has adopted a 10 minute stop clock for 4 quarters with a 3 minute overtime. If the teams are tied after the first overtime, the second overtime will also be 3 minutes and continue as such in each successive overtime until a winner has been decided. Clubs overseas have made it clear to us that the 200-185 scores with the flashing lights and extra points in the longer 12 minute quarters aren’t appealing to them. We want to be the league of opportunity and respected around the World for authentic stats that clubs foreign and domestic can scout and appreciate every point scored. In this light we emphasize the need for running sets, sharing the ball, setting screens, talking on defense, getting back in transition and valuing each possession. Let’s make each other work for it and the rest of the World will reward us for it.

Respect the uniform – These men and women have a job to do too

Time outs: 4 time-outs per half (2 full time outs of 1 minute and 2-30 second time outs) Unused time outs cannot be carried over into another half. Overtime periods, each team has 1-30 second time out. There will be a mandatory Media time out at the first dead ball at under 5 minutes per quarter. The media time out will be 2 minutes and will be charged as a full time out to the teams alternating home/visitor.

Fouls/technicals: 6 fouls and a player is removed from the game. 2 technical fouls results in a game ejection. Technical fouls for abusive language, demonstrative behavior, fighting, or at the referees decision deemed to be of a disciplinary nature, including coach, staff, or players will result in a $50 fine to said individual. Fine must be paid in full to the league before that individual is able to compete or attend another contest.

Dignity – Respect – Class = Pro Basketball Association

Fouls continued: there is no 1 and 1 bonus. All free throws, unless it is an “and one” shot made and the foul (one penalty shot) shall be two shot fouls. Each team is allowed 4 team fouls per quarter. On the 5th foul each quarter the team that was fouled will receive two shots. Technical fouls are the point of interruption, whichever team had possession, retains possession after the free throw. Double technicals (one on each team) results in no shots being awarded and the team in possession at the time of the incident maintains control of the ball – side out of bounds. Delay of game penalties result in a single warning and each successive incidence of it will result in one penalty shot and the ball.

Be competitive – Play to win – But do it with honor and class. The World is watching!

Rosters (15 man active) Teams are allowed to keep a taxi squad or squads at their so choosing but only 15 players can be listed as active for the game. Any change to the 15 man roster will be communicated to the league no later than the Thursday evening (5pm CST) of the week of the scheduled game. Each team will be allowed 3 total changes to their 15 man roster of the course of the season to include signings/waivers/demotion to practice squad, and trades. On the 19th player for a roster for the season and each successive change each team will be charged a transaction fee of $25. Please note that player profiles are built for each player and this rule is in place so we don’t have drastic changes of the roster on a weekly basis. Roster turmoil doesn’t benefit anyone, not the league and not the team. We want to promote these guys to the next level, not demote them to the last one. Choose your rosters carefully.

Player signings: Players that have been announced as signed by their teams must be accompanied by proof of such whether that be by displaying a player agreement whether that is in contract form or an email or text message. Players will be announced on social media and on the league website and monies are invested in the promotion of the image of the player and the team. Player has 48 hours to bring it to the league’s attention that they have not reached an agreement with that team and at that time the player is officially placed on the teams roster for the season. Rosters are set each week for that weekend’s games by Thursday. A roster form is available when scheduling a game and all players need to be listed on that form that have not previously played for that team prior to that.

Have fun, celebrate, but keep it classy and family friendly

Player signings continued: Once added officially to a team’s roster that player may not go to another team unless a trade for their services is agreed to and communicated in email form to the league office with both teams agreement. Should no agreement be made, tampering with a player on another roster is viewed as detrimental to the brand of the Pro Basketball Association. Please refrain from recruiting players on another roster as a show of respect to the other club and their existing agreement. Should the player notify the league of their intent to enter into a voluntary period of 14 days during which they sit out from all games played (from the time the player notifies the PBA in writing by email) on the 14th day that player will be able to sign with and compete for another team in the Association (if roster move is listed by new team prior to the Thursday cut off). Let’s honor each other’s agreements but if a player is disgruntled, the league will give said player the opportunity to move to another organization after the sitting out period of a minimum of 2 games. Clock can not begin prior to the season starting. Also a new roster addition cannot occur the day of a game, as referenced above it has to be done no later than the Thursday of game week in order to be eligible to play in said game. A new signing must appear in 2 games during the regular season in order to be eligible for the playoffs.

Celebrate your brand with the Pro Basketball Association

Quarter breaks/Half time/Over time: Quarter breaks are 2 minutes. Half time is 10 minutes when the home team has entertainment or half time performance – 5 minutes will be acceptable if this is not the case. Home team must communicate this to the Regional Director at the time of the Monday communication so both teams are aware of the time allowed. Overtime break is 2 minutes. Please coordinate any media time, entertainment, dance team, or promotional periods to coexist within this time frame.

If you want Pro – You want the PBA

Behavior – Be a PRO in the Pro Basketball Association: Players and coaches: Players are permitted to be with their team during the game and that includes quarter breaks, half time, and during play. Locker rooms, and of course their bench, and on the court while playing. Players will not sit in the crowd, wander away from their bench or some other behavior that isn’t appropriate. Players that leave the bench and come on to the court during the game (when they are not in the game) will immediately receive a technical foul and play will be stopped. Coaches that venture outside of their coaches box that extends the length of their bench an additional 5 feet in the direction of the scorers table is permissible as long as they don’t go in front of the table or on the court (unless in a time-out or quarter break). Coaches that have misconduct, demonstrative behavior, or who allow their players and/or staff act unprofessionally or coaches who they themselves cannot control their antics and behavior including verbally and with hand gestures will be warned once and issued a technical foul at the discretion of the official and the second such instance will be removed from the game and will be faced with a fine to possibly include suspension or disciplinary procedures before they’re allowed back on the bench in a future contest.

Coordinating travel – shoot around etc

Scheduling – Pre game communication: All teams must communicate with their opponent to confirm their scheduled home game start time, facility location, Covid protocol requirements of the visitor if any, allow for referee assignments no later than Monday 9pm EST prior to that weekend’s scheduled game. In addition to game day operations, important confirmation of your game day dues must be confirmed and paid no later than 4 days prior to the scheduled game (ex: Tuesday prior to a Saturday game) or the game will be cancelled.

Cancellations: A cancellation made by home or visitor after the weekly confirmation meeting on Monday will not be tolerated. Teams are investing in facilities, marketing their image, engaging a fan base, and have a lot of time and energy invested in their brand. Teams that do not make their scheduled games will face being removed from the league with no refund due by way of registration, franchise fees, or previously paid game dues. Proper notice when done prior to the schedule creation or with at least 2 weeks notice, in writing, when agreed to by both teams is how we respect each other’s time, money and image. Please CC the league office with any such communication. The visiting team that cancels with less than 5 days notice will forfeit their game fee.

Travel, weather, car issues are the responsibility of the travelling team. We need to take every precaution including leaving several hours before what would normally be necessary. All teams need to have emergency road side service and or arrange to be followed by another vehicle or take any precautions they feel is necessary to avoid a cancellation or arriving less than one hour before the scheduled tip-off including leaving the day before. It is not the home team’s responsibility to service your vehicles or have spare tires, check weather reports, or leave early enough to make your scheduled games.

No excuses (Let’s be pros) Should any team for any reason not make their scheduled game they will be faced with an immediate fine of up to $1500 and/or removal from the Pro Basketball Association. <— that’s a period. We’d all rather have less teams that do it right and are dependable and on time than chaos and drama. Let’s not be all the other leagues. Let’s be better. Thank you.

Game fees: Home team has zero game fee and is responsible for providing referees, table staff including scoreboard, shot clock, and book. Full game video and book (with players full names and jersey numbers) must be provided within 24 hours of the game by the home team. Visitor has a $249 game fee and both teams receive full game video with score and time widget, play by play commentary, complete box score statistics, graphics artwork with upcoming games, previous game results, player of the game flyers, eurobasket coverage. and games are shown on Roku, Amazon Fire, YouTube, and apps on IOS and Android.

20 minutes for interviews post game

Post game availability: All coaches and players from both teams are to be made available for any media request for a period of 20 minutes after the completion of the game.

Referees – TV Games – Play by play – Stats: The game fee will include editing home team’s video to add score/time/logo widget on the lower third graphics, play by play commentary, commercials added, game hosted on all PBATV platforms including Roku, Amazon, YouTube, PBATV Apps on Android, and IOS. All stats are done from the home team’s video. 16 category box scores for both teams are done for every game. That video link from the home team must be sent in within 24 hours of a home game. The fine for not recording, losing the video, having a corrupted file, or video that is not clear will be the responsibility of the home team and a fine will be imposed in the amount of $250.

Video is the vehicle to the consumer, our partners; it’s how we show the power of our brand

Table staff: must have book, scoreboard/clock, and 24 second shot clock operable. We understand these positions are often volunteer or smaller salaried individuals that may not be dependable. It is the organization’s responsibility to have additional staffing on hand so all functions of game day operations go on as planned even in the event of a no show from a staff member. Hire and train twice as many people as is needed for these types of positions and delegate as needed. There is always something to do. 3 volunteer table staff is begging for a last moment issue that takes you away from other tasks. Have a back up for your back up including coaches that wear multiple hats. Insulate yourself. Safety in numbers. Per game fine for not having book, score, shot clock covered for a home game is $100 for each position, each incidence.

Shot clock: We understand that due to the virus and facility availability issues, equipment malfunctions, and other causes that a shot clock may not be available or functional. There is an app that can be downloaded on your phone that is a basic 24 second shot clock. By having that app and a television that is set up on a separate table and a blue tooth speaker, or an iphone where you can share/mirror app that mirrors what is seen on the phone to an ipad, anyone even without a shot clock has the ability to display the time with an audible sound from your device and the operator simply uses the phone and the ipad mirrors that display for the players and referees on the court. This isn’t ideal as the ipad is smaller and the league preference is something that is visible to players and officials at all times. The audible sound is important. But the point is there is no reason a home team should be caught off guard and not have a back up plan in place so we can all play by the same time/rules.

Each team needs to have walked thru a game day scenario where a shot clock is not functional or otherwise unavailable so this does not become an issue during the season. Should the audible signal not be easily heard over the ambient noise in the facility during a game then the shot clock operator calling out 5 seconds to the referee so that they can manually hand count the final 5 seconds is acceptable on a case by case basis until a proper solution can be found. Not having a shot clock and not being prepared with this practiced back up plan will result in a fine of $50 per incidence. The app is free! Be professional. Be prepared.

Note 2: The NBA rules stipulate that the shot clock resets at 14 when the count gets below that number on an out of bounds play (stop of play) resulting from a foul on the defensive team before the bonus penalty where the referee will signal for 14 seconds be placed on the clock.

Each time a team scores or when the ball hits the rim the shot clock is reset to 24 seconds.

Team uniforms/undershirts/jewelry: All uniforms need to match 100%. We will not have some players with matching shorts and one player with a contrasting color. Referees will be informed that all players must be matching. If a player is found on the court to not have matching uniform to the rest of his team then a technical foul will be called by the referee and the player will be removed from the game.

No undershirts or sleeves or other apparel (including wristbands or leg sleeves) is allowed unless it is the same color as the uniform or the primary contrasting secondary color of the uniform.

No jewelry can be worn on the court at anytime to include but not limited to: chains, necklaces, earrings, hoops, nose/mouth/ear or hair jewelry of any kind, watches or other wrist wear. The referee can ask the player to remove such during a dead ball situation if seen but a stoppage during play is also possible at the referee’s discretion where a technical foul is called.

If we read these rules as a team together before the season then everyone will be on the same page. The spotlight is on us. Let’s represent in a professional appearance.

At all times, we in the Association, live by a code of conduct. We have an accountability to one another as a part of this Association. Any departure from proper language, respect, including hostile acts, by and between players, coaches, owners, management, or staff is the responsibility of the team and will be dealt with by suspension and fine commensurate with the act and could result in expulsion or ban. Let’s be competitive – let’s play to win – and let’s do it with class ladies and gentlemen!

Thank you!

Angela Culliver – Commissioner – Pro Basketball Association