F.I.R.M. Joins the PBA

Fort Worth, TX – The F.I.R.M. has placed their franchise in the Pro Basketball Association for the 2021 Spring-Summer Season. Don Waters and the F.I.R.M. have a storied history in the DFW area as one of most successful basketball organizations for many years now. Mr. Waters and company put a terrific product on the court and make a big difference in the community with their non-profit organization.

PBA Commissioner Chris Terrell: “Don Waters and the F.I.R.M. are regarded as the top club in the area by many. If you’re in Texas and are familiar with the Pro Basketball circuit and Summer Pro-Ams, and Money tournaments; these guys seem to win everything. Some of the very best athletes have come thru their organization over the years. Don Waters, David Waters, and Andrew Mack – Coaches, Oliver Miller and Darrell Waters were the original pros that laid the foundation for many others to follow including Chuck Guy and Wolf Rabb. They’re legends in their own right and the high level play of pros like that and the leadership from the Waters family makes their joining the PBA a really big deal. We’re excited about it and know they’ll be a team that can compete at the highest level.”


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