Ricky Benitez

Ricky Benitez – Deputy Commissioner of the Pro Basketball Association

Tampa, Florida – The PBA announced on Wednesday that Ricky Benitez has been named the Deputy Commissioner of the Pro Basketball Association. Benitez will also take on the role of International Consultant to Latin America. Coach Benitez will also run the PBA Pro Draft Combine in Fort Myers, Florida on January 16th where every game will be televised and from which, each team in the league will have 2 picks in the 2 round draft.


After completing his career in the United States Army with the Special Operations Response Team. He began his professional coaching career where he has been coaching professional basketball for over 20 years compiling a record of 601 wins and 99 losses with an 84% winning percentage. He has a total of 16 Championships. He has coached in 5 Continents and 9 Countries. China, Canada, USA, Mexico, Venezuela, Chile, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Hungary. Benitez has coached in the pro leagues of CBA-USA, USBL-USA, PBL-USA, ABA-USA, LNBP-MEX, LPB-VEN, LNB-Chile, CIBACOPA-MEX, NBL-Canada and the International FIBA America’s League.

Benitez has coached and developed players such as: Renaldo Balkman, Antoine Broxsie, Alejandro Rodriguez, Tyrone Levett, Luis Jacobo, Jamaal Samuel, Jamil Samuel, Lester Prosper, Jai Pradia and Terrence Shannon Sr.

The Pro Basketball Association will host the 2022 PBA Draft Combine in Fort Myers, Florida. This is an INVITE only event. Players and/or their representation is encouraged to email profile and video to [email protected] to be considered for invitation.

More info is available on social platforms FB/IG @probasketballassociation and online at www.pbaplayers.com

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