San Antonio Powerhouse awarded PBA franchise

San Antonio, TX – The Pro Basketball Association is pleased to announce that a franchise has been awarded to the Sam Antonio Powerhouse. The first year PBA Head Coach/Team Owner, Patrick Rodriquez, has 15 years of coaching experience at all levels and knows what it takes to put a winning product on the floor. 
San Antonio joins the South Division and pairs nicely with the franchise awarded to the Texas Roughriders based out of the Austin area that was announced yesterday. Joining those clubs in the South is the defending PBA Champion F.I.R.M. out of Fort Worth, Metroplex Lightning (Dallas), DFW Just Hoops, Shreveport based Louisiana Kingdom Riders, North Texas Prowlers (Argyle, TX), Plainview Knights (20 miles north of Lubbock), Oklahoma Kings, BLTN (Arlington, TX). Organizations in the South will also play some intra-league matchups with the Southwest Division New Mexico Bluetails. 
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