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H-Town Astronauts join the Pro Basketball Association

Houston, Texas – The Pro Basketball Association announced on Monday that the H-Town Astronauts had entered into an agreement to join the PBA. Team owner John Lennon played professionally in the minor leagues and had overseas opportunities as a player in the KBL in Korea and wants to give players in the greater Houston and South Texas region to have some of those same opportunities. The team has a business minded owner in Lennon that is leading edge in a lot of what he does on the marketing front but the heart and soul of an athlete destined for greatness. H-Town will be playing at the KDC in Spring, Texas this season and has chosen to play in the PBA’s classic model where he will host his own home games and travel for road contests.

“The Pro Basketball Association currently has teams slated to play this season throughout the Southeast. We’re excited about a high level of Pro Basketball being played in Houston, the Gulf Coast Region, Shreveport, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, and throughout the Southeast. Our model is to have teams play in division with only 5 road games throughout the season working to keep teams in that 6-8 hour range so we can keep expenses down and make it a no-flights necessary league. We’re modeled after some of the same solid business practices of what you would find in Minor League Baseball where fierce rivalries are played out between business partners and close friends that all make for exciting entertainment from the Southeast. Similar in geography in what you’d find in the SEC conference, this division is going to be so much fun for all involved. David Day, our National Director of League Operations, and Kimberly Meadows-Clark, our Regional Director, make for a great team for the PBA and a true asset to all owners in the Association. We’re excited about John Lennon and are looking forward to his H-Town Astronauts creating some real drama with his bayou neighbors that the fans will get out of their seats and cheer for.” PBA Commissioner – Chris Terrell

Map of current, pending, and proposed markets – Southeast Division

The Pro Basketball Association will host a Pro Combine and Draft in two locations this year. March 27th at Fast Break Sports in Rochester, New York and April 3rd at the MAC in Lewisville, Texas. This is an INVITE only event. Players and/or their representation is encouraged to email profile and video to [email protected] to be considered for invitation.

For more information on the H-Town Astronauts and the Pro Basketball Association, visit us on social platforms @probasketballassociation and online at www.PBAplayers.com

David Day joins PBA as VP – National Director League Operations

Memphis, TN – David Day has been announced by the Pro Basketball Association as the National Director – League Operations. David’s primary scope is working with teams Nationally in the classic format on the upcoming schedule, facilities, league operations as it relates to collecting analytics from the games, video, coordinating travel and day to day working with the teams of the association.

David is originally from Montgomery Alabama where he attended the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss). He has been residing in Memphis Tennessee for the last 40 years involved in coaching and was the commissioner and founder of the Memphis Defender League. This league consisted of former college and pro players from the NBA to overseas. He is also the Deputy Commissioner with the MBL (Maximum Basketball League), having recently joined in an alliance with the PBA.

The PBA has two different formats available for their teams. In a bubble format the clubs in a region go to one location and play all their games where the league provides all aspects of game day operations. In a classic format, teams play a standard home and away schedule where the home team is responsible for all game day operations but the league works with them to help facilitate technology and aid in certain aspects of gathering data, statistics, and full game video, creating player profiles linked through the box score etc. David will help those classic format teams in those regards and as such will help the league Nationally to have uniformity as it relates to a professional image and organization that helps not only in the promotion of it’s players and coaches, but also with, in its ability to secure larger sponsors.

More information is available on social @probasketballassociation and www.pbaplayers.com