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F.I.R.M. become the two-time defending Champions, defeat New Mexico

Arlington, TX – The Fort Worth F.I.R.M. have been on a mission for 2 years. The 2021 PBA Champion went undefeated in 2022 and proved their value once again when it counted most in the Final 4. New Mexico having come off an impressive victory over Georgia came into the game riding their explosive 2-man game with Lamar Morinia and Devon Williams. The F.I.R.M. countered with veteran leader Wolf Rabb, shooters in Jelon Hornbeak and Chasten King, and pick and pop big man JR Duffy along with the high flying, shot blocking, big man Damontrae McFarland. Rabb just seemed to be able to control the game from the onset. At 6’5 and 225lbs he’s a little bit of a mismatch for most point guards and he’s savvy with it. He just knows how to use his body and create angles, and get into a pick and roll game with the post in an elbow series that the F.I.R.M. runs really effectively. He was effective getting into the paint against smaller guards that are a second late on the ball screen action or backing out and creating space for a switch mismatch, or finding the perfect timing for the pocket pass that was allowing his bigs to finish high percentage shots right at the goal. It’s not that the Bluetails couldn’t score. Sure they started off slowly but they always do. It was the percentage from the field they were allowing that really seemed to doom their chances for a second half comeback. Inevitably the F.I.R.M. did what the F.I.R.M. do defeating New Mexico 102-88 and earning the PBA Championship in the process. Wolf Rabb was named Final 4 MVP.

F.I.R.M. defeats Southwest Desertcats in PBA Western Conference Championship game

Lewisville, TX – The F.I.R.M. defeated the Southwest Desertcats in the Western Conference Finals Saturday night by a score of 108-94. The F.I.R.M. was led by Chuck Guy (6’0-PG-92 college: Tarleton State., agency: PBAplayers Agency) who had 27 points along with Jelon Hornbeak who had 21. Wolf Rabb had 16, Jason Smith 17, Jeromy Matthews 10, JR Duffey 11.

The Desertcats were led by Justin Avalos (6’3-G-87, college: Western St.) who had 22 points and hit 6 three pointers. Tevin Caldwell (6’4″-G-93 college: UTEP) had 20, and Jeff Long had 14.

The Fort Worth based F.I.R.M. come out on top over the El Paso based Desertcats in this one and advance to the PBA championship game.