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Alabama 59ers join the Pro Basketball Association

Birmingham, AL – The PBA has awarded a franchise to the Alabama 59ers. The 59ers are led by CEO Kimberly Meadows-Clark. Kimberly is no stranger to minor league basketball as she has successfully owned and managed teams for many years and knows how to do it right. In addition to the TMO “Team Market Owner” position as the head of her franchise in the PBA, she has also been named RDLO “Regional Director – League Operations” and will be instrumental in working with the PBA in the Southeast division in vetting other top clubs in the region and making recommendations for consideration towards invitation to the Pro Basketball Association.

Kimberly Meadows-Clark

“Kimberly as RDLO and TMO makes a lot of sense for the PBA. She has a lot of experience and will help us with the organizations that do it right and want to take their games to the next level but also help vet the ones that aren’t quite ready for prime time. She’ll work closely with National Director of League Operations David Day to help manage and promote the brand of the Pro Basketball Association in the Southeast.”

The PBA Pro Combine and Draft will be coming to Rochester, New York on March 27, 2021 and Dallas, Texas on April 3, 2021. Players and agents are asked to please submit their client’s profile and video for consideration towards invitation to the pro combine and draft by emailing [email protected]

More information is available on the Alabama 59ers and the Pro Basketball Association on social platforms FB/IG @probasketballassociation and online at www.pbaplayers.com