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Phoenix Valley Outlaws join the Pro Basketball Association

Phoenix, Arizona – The Pro Basketball Association announced on Thursday that the Phoenix Valley Outlaws had been awarded a franchise for the 2021 Spring-Summer PBA Season. Team owner Monnard Brown has been successfully competing with his organization in the American Basketball Association (ABA) and will be playing in the Pro Basketball Association (PBA) this upcoming season. The team prides itself on hard work and providing high flying, fun, family entertainment.

“We’ve had some great communication with Monnard and everyone with their group with the Phoenix Valley Outlaws. Geographically, they fit into our model of reducing travel costs and grouping teams in divisions to help organizations be more profitable. By following a model more inline with minor league baseball, our partner clubs in the association are able to avoid costly flights and hotels that would normally be associated with a professional nationwide league. We play a 10 game regular season where each team has 5 opponents geographically within the division where they play once at home and once on the road. Fans don’t want to see the same team over and over again and teams from Phoenix that aren’t at the NBA level don’t want to travel to the Midwest or Northeast to compete in a league. So there a large number of smaller regional leagues that struggle for attention from attendance and sponsors because it’s seen as just being a local level of play. With the PBA we’re able to reap the benefits of a Nationwide footprint, inter-division play in the post-season, but keep costs in check so we can offer a profitable model to our partners while still garnering attention from National sponsors. We’re excited about Monnard and the Outlaws. They’ve played minor leagues before and have learned the ropes by now. They have a strong team that will competitive on the floor and they’ll fit nicely with 7 City Knights, Silver State Mustangs, Vegas Huskies, Nevada Pharaohs, New Mexico Bullsnakes, and Southwest Desertcats in our Southwest Division.” PBA Commissioner Chris Terrell

Phoenix Valley Outlaws shown here competing in Mexico in 2019
Southwest Division – Current, pending, and proposed markets

50 teams Nationwide – 2 round Draft = 100 Players DRAFTED!

If you want Pro – You want the PBA

The Pro Basketball Association 2021 PBA Pro Combine and Draft will be held in two locations beginning with 3/27 in Rochester, New York and then 4/3 in Dallas, Texas. With pending announcements the PBA will have a minimum of 48 teams (From Seattle to New York City and everywhere in between – America) in the two round draft which means 96 draft eligible players will become a part of the Pro Basketball Association. Players and/or their representation is encouraged to email profile/video to [email protected] or visit Pro Basketball Association Combine and Draft – Pro Basketball Association (pbaplayers.com) or follow FB/IG @probasketballassociation