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8x Champion Rochester Razorsharks join the PBA

Rochester, New York – The Pro Basketball Association has announced that the Rochester Razorsharks have joined the PBA for the upcoming 2021 Spring-Summer Season. The Razorsharks are a professional basketball team founded in 2005 as a member of the American Basketball Association (ABA). They remained in the ABA until 2007, leaving the league to become founding members of the Premiere Basketball League (PBL). The RazorSharks have won eight championships to date – the 2006 ABA championship and PBL titles in 2008, 2009, 2011, 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017.

Chief Executive Officer Jen Moore has also accepted a position as Regional Director and will help oversee team operations and management for the division.

“The Rochester Razorsharks are a proven winner and an established franchise with a strong fan base, sponsorship, and a management staff headed by Jen Moore that makes them an instant contender for the PBA Championship. Her background and experience immediately checked so many boxes for the PBA and will really be a great asset to all organizations in that region of the Country. We’re excited to partner with her and Rochester and are looking forward to an incredible 2021 Season.” Pro Basketball Association Commissioner – Chris Terrell

Waco Terror join the PBA

The Pro Basketball Association is pleased to announce that the Waco Terror will have their franchise in the PBA for 2021 Spring-Summer Season. The Waco Terror was established in 2015 as an independent basketball team managed by Owner and Head Coach William Hill. The Terror pride themselves on putting a positive and competitive product on the court. 

Coach Hill: “We are glad to be joining the PBA and look forward to playing at a high level with a solid league of teams”. 

The franchise in Waco now makes the 5th team announced for the PBA as the association has announced Texas Revelation, DFW Just Hoops, Hoop Goon, The F.I.R.M., and now the Waco Terror all in the last 6 days (as of this post) since the league launched on Saturday 12/12/20 with news of its 20 week Pro Basketball Association beginning in May. More info is available by visiting us on the web at www.PBAplayers.com

Bayi Handy named Director of International Scouting – Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia

The PBA is proud to announce The Handy Agency and managing director Bayi Handy as the Director of International Scouting – Australia, New Zealand, Southeast Asia region.  The Handy Agency has provided Professional placement, Endorsements, Consulting, Scouting, Marketing, Entertainment, and Basketball development throughout Australia, Southeast Asia, and New Zealand. In addition Bayi has scouted The Asian Pacific Cup in Singapore for U19 and U15 players which featured talented young players all across Asia but also worked with rising stars in Australia such as Thon Maker (Cleveland Cavs), Kuany Kuany (Univ of Cal-Berkeley), Machar Mayor (Collingwood Big V), and Deng Adel (Perth Wildcats)

His Signing Day Shootout Camps held in Orlando, Florida has become one of the Elite Pro Combines held in The United States which has attracted several GMs, Scouts and Coaches from all over the world to sign players to professional contracts. Jermaine Beal (Perth Wildcats),  Andre Ingram (LA Lakers) Tommy Hamilton IV (Cairns Marlins), Caleb Patterson (MNBL – Asia), Daniel Camps (Diamond Valley NBL1), Joshua Keyes (VBA Asia), and  Antwon Warren (Japan) are just a few of many deals which The Handy Agency have negotiated in these regions. 

Welcome on Board

F.I.R.M. Joins the PBA

Fort Worth, TX – The F.I.R.M. has placed their franchise in the Pro Basketball Association for the 2021 Spring-Summer Season. Don Waters and the F.I.R.M. have a storied history in the DFW area as one of most successful basketball organizations for many years now. Mr. Waters and company put a terrific product on the court and make a big difference in the community with their non-profit organization.

PBA Commissioner Chris Terrell: “Don Waters and the F.I.R.M. are regarded as the top club in the area by many. If you’re in Texas and are familiar with the Pro Basketball circuit and Summer Pro-Ams, and Money tournaments; these guys seem to win everything. Some of the very best athletes have come thru their organization over the years. Don Waters, David Waters, and Andrew Mack – Coaches, Oliver Miller and Darrell Waters were the original pros that laid the foundation for many others to follow including Chuck Guy and Wolf Rabb. They’re legends in their own right and the high level play of pros like that and the leadership from the Waters family makes their joining the PBA a really big deal. We’re excited about it and know they’ll be a team that can compete at the highest level.”

Hoop Goon joins the PBA

Dallas, TX – Hoop Goon has secured a franchise for the upcoming 2021 PBA Season. Owner of the Hoop Goon franchise Aramus Brown has a long and successful history in the sport as the Commissioner of the Maximum Basketball League (MBL).

Asked about the franchise joining the PBA in the Spring, Commissioner of the PBA Chris Terrell said “Aramus Brown and the MBL has established itself as one of the premiere Fall-Winter leagues in the United States. For guys like that to see the vision of the PBA and want to work together and join the league really gives us a boost. From working with Aramus, and knowing his competitiveness, I already know that his team is going to be a force in the league. We’re making a concerted effort to only allow entry to the league of those organizations that know what it takes to win on and off the court and to put on a professional product. We’re excited about the possibility of developing a relationship where the leagues can work together in the future on other projects.”

PBA names Director of International Scouting – Mexico

The Pro Basketball Association has announced that Lewis Lasalle Taylor Whetten has been named the Director of International Scouting – Mexico. Lasalle brings 40 years of experience as a Head Coach in Mexico in leagues including the LNBP, CIBACOPA, CIMEBA, CIBAPAC and many other leagues as Head Coach of many championship teams and all-star games. Lasalle has also been a Sports Director and a Pro scout for countless organizations over the decades he’s given to the game of basketball.

“The PBA is honored to have someone of Lasalle’s caliber working in a scouting capacity for the league. With him on board scouting the games with access to complete box scores and full game videos and player profiles he’s going to help us with a pipeline of players and coaches to Mexico.” PBA Commissioner – Chris Terrell

News around the PBA

Big news in the Pro Basketball World as a new league will be playing a Spring-Summer schedule in the United States.

The PBA – A league for pros by pros

The league announced a draft combine camp, a league draft scheduled for Dallas, Texas beginning in April. The regular season opens May 2nd and the league will run for 20 weeks culminating with all-star game, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd team USBasket all-PBA teams, a player of the year, coach of the year, and playoffs in August. This league will play right up until the NBA Summer leagues fitting in the time of year when a lot of professional players come home from overseas. Keep up with all the news from the Professional Basketball League here.