Missouri Program Select joins the Pro Basketball Association

Springfield, Missouri – The Pro Basketball Association announced on Thursday that the Missouri Program Select had been awarded a franchise for the 2021 PBA Spring-Summer Season. Owners Thomas Holloman and Kobe Holloman, both from Springfield, Missouri, will make up a terrific Father and Son team in the Pro Basketball Association.

Thomas is a business entrepreneur and former College athlete. He has coached AAU for 20 years and managed over 70 teams! He has extensive experience as a Tournament Director and is also a Health Care Provider. His son Kobe also is a entrepreneur and former College athlete who also like his Dad is a Health Care Provider. The Holloman men have been working together with the AAU program for years, so Kobe has grown up in the business of basketball.

“Every once in awhile you get a chance to speak with guys that just are a perfect fit for what you’re attempting to accomplish as a league” says Chris Terrell – PBA Commissioner. “Thomas and Kobe have been ingrained in the community in Springfield for years and Thomas has 2 decades of experience running huge tournaments and has 70 teams. They both come from the medical field and make it their mission before on and off the basketball court to make a difference in people’s lives. There has got to be some 500 plus families in Springfield that know these men to of been there for their kids. A lot of those kids have grown up over the last 20 years to be incredibly talented basketball players in the City of Springfield that is known to be a hotbed for basketball.”

“Every aspect of owning an organization from organizing facility, and coordinating extremely large groups for travel, and just being around hundreds of kids that grew up to be high level adult basketball players hungry to play at the next level…. wow! Perfect! The community loves these guys and they’re making a difference and offering now, with this venture, a celebration for Springfield that everyone can embrace. The father and son part of this story really adds another heartfelt dimension. If I’m in Missouri, Kansas, or Arkansas…. anywhere near the heart of USA in general and want to go play for someone in an area that will support this team – Missouri Program Select in Springfield has got to be super high on my shortlist. This is why I love this game!” PBA Commissioner Chris Terrell

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If you want Pro – You want the PBA

The Pro Basketball Association 2021 PBA Pro Combine and Draft will be held in two locations beginning with 3/27 in Rochester, New York and then 4/3 in Dallas, Texas. With pending announcements the PBA will have a minimum of 48 teams (From Seattle to New York City and everywhere in between – America) in the two round draft which means 96 draft eligible players will become a part of the Pro Basketball Association. Players and/or their representation is encouraged to email profile/video to [email protected] or visit Pro Basketball Association Combine and Draft – Pro Basketball Association (pbaplayers.com) or follow FB/IG @probasketballassociation


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