PBA By A&T Sports Makes Big Announcement!


We now interrupt your regularly scheduled broadcast for this special announcement from the PBA by A&T Sports.

The Fall Winter Season Regular season is just weeks away from concluding, with the playoffs set to begin March 28-31, 2024. After crowning, Fall-Winter Season National Champions, the PBA by A&T Sports will transition into its Summer Season.

PBA By A&T Sports announces that it will go back to its original format of playing Summers Only. Starting with the Summer 2024 season. Although Commissioner Culliver states that the Winters have been exciting, the PBA was originally put in place to give those athletes who play abroad and in winter leagues here in the states, a way to stay active and get 16 category box scores, professional film for highlights, an updated US Basket and keep their resumes current without large gaps in on the court playing time.

Reverting the league back to its original format affords players and teams the opportunity to stay active as well as compete at a different and diverse level of play. The PBA’s mission is not to compete with other leagues but to provide athletes another forum of exposure while building strength, character, discipline and skill level along side competitive levels of play by way of combines, training camps and a summer season!

Thanks for all of your continued support!

Commissioner Angela Culliver ❤️

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