Plainview Knights returns to action this Summer.

🇺🇸 Plainview, TX ~ Commissioner Angela Culliver announces that the Plainview Knights, who made it to last summer’s Final Four, will be returning this summer. We are excited to have this very talented team and great organization back. The Knights are owned by Owner/Player Levon Carter.

The Plainview Knights are gearing up for their highly anticipated return to the Professional Basketball Association (PBA) in season 4. With an impressive record of 10-1 from the previous season, the team is determined to make a strong comeback and secure their spot in the finals. The players have been training rigorously, focusing on improving their skills and teamwork to ensure a successful season ahead. With high hopes and a winning mindset, the Knights are ready to showcase their talent and determination as they strive to make a mark in the upcoming season. Stay tuned for an exciting journey as the Knights aim to dominate the PBA By A&T Sports and make their presence known on the basketball court.

Remember if you want Pro… You want the PBA By A&T Sports 🏀