Louisiana Kingdom Riders return to the PBA.

🇺🇸 Shreveport, LA~ Commissioner Culliver announced the return of the Louisiana Kingdom Riders after taking a year off. The Kingdom Riders began with the PBA in its first season in 2021. “We are glad to have them back”, stated Culliver!

The organization began in October 2012 as a new hobby for its owner, Monessia Drake. The team originally were members of the American Basketball Association and began playing as a semi-professional team in 2013. The vision of the Kingdom Riders has been to become a multi-faceted organization that provides fast paced and exciting family friendly basketball events while providing opportunities for growth and development for its players and staff. In 2024, many positive changes have been implemented to further push the organization as a whole into fulfilling the original vision of its owner. We are excited to be returning to the PBA for the upcoming season.

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