A Day Made For Allstar!

Columbus, Ga- What a Finals weekend we had! No finals is complete without the Allstars from around the league teaming up as teammates instead of opponents. From all of the competitions to the game itself, we had a ball. This day was filled with laughter, challenges, and alot of joking around between Commissioner Culliver and players as everyone was able to relax and just enjoy themselves for one day without any pressure.

The Allstar day started off with competitions. The day belonged to Alquan Mendenhall as he almost swept the competitions winning the 3 point, midrange and skills competitions. Had he been a few inches taller, he may have tried to give Denzel McDuffey, winner of the Slam Dunk competition a run for his money…

Now we get into the Allstar game, it was a thriller. This game was decided by 1 point 141-140. The Blue Allstars were the winners lead by Allstar Coach Adrianna Walker. Allstar MVP went to Vipers guard Zytavian Hill with 28 Points, who was followed close behind by Lancaster Thunder’s Daniel Pachec 26 points and Sean Rogers Jr with 24 points. The Red Allstars were led by Vipers Alquan Mendenhall who caught fire scoring 44 points of which 12 were from behind the arc, exhibiting why he’s known as the 3 Ball King. It was Lancaster’s Solomon Muhamad with 23 points and Vipers Cortez Chaney’s 22 points that assisted in making this game one that went to the final buzzer!!