Lions Perception joins the PBA By A&T Sports

Orlando, FL ~ As the PBA By A&T Sports gets ready to kick off another Summer season, let’s begin announcing a new team. The Lions Perception from Orlando, Florida will be joining this summer’s lineup in the Southeast Conference. Commissioner Culliver stated that she is very excited to have another Florida team join the leagues Southeast Conference.

Lions Perception Organization prides itself in helping guide athletes in furthering their professional basketball careers. Their goal is to prepare players for college, semi-pro, and pro basketball careers.

Ownership states “We impact the community by guiding and helping individuals advance in careers related to sports, such as, but not limited to coaching, sports training, sport officiating, videography, security, and much more”. This way we bring a winning environment to Orlando and the surrounding cities on and off the court.

Basketball is all about perception and perception is key. – Lions Perception